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Viscount LF

2024 colt by Vilancio
Big, expressive gaits, and a social, confident nature. Correct conformation and a strong topline give this foal athletic ability and presence. Bred for dressage and rideability.
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Fein Gold LF

2024 Hanoverian filly by Feinrich and dam Giada
A good sized filly with correct, expressive gaits and a big uphill canter. She has a confident nature and correct conformation. A solid, modern type.
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Fanfare LF

2023 filly by Feinrich and Giada
Friendly, inquisitive, and confident. A delight to handle, well behaved for the farrier and to bathe. Ready to be weaned and go to her new home.
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Fandango LF

2023 colt by Feinrich and Quatralina
Talented dressage prospect displaying all the suppleness and athletic ability of his siblings. Kind eye and inquisitive nature, easy to handle, affectionate, and great for baths and the farrier.
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Bellwether LF

2022 mare
Estimated to finish 17+hh
A barn favourite with a confident attitude and big, correct gaits. Lots of chrome and a gentle, quiet nature. Bred for upper level dressage but also quiet enough for the hunter ring.
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Danika LF

2022 filly
Estimated to finish at 16.1 – 16.2hh
Proven dressage lines. Natural balance and cadence. Big floating trot, active and correct walk and canter. Sensible and kind, inquisitive and friendly.
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Fleetwood Mac LF

2022 colt
Will finish around 17hh
Awarded stallion prospect and champion foal at his inspection. Proven rideability and trainability. Confident attitude, big floating gaits, active hind end, and suppleness throughout the body. Bred for upper level dressage.
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Levente LF

2022 colt
Estimated to finish at 16.3 – 17hh
Big dark colt with a big supple trot. Correct gaits and fluid movement with balance and power. Willing character, friendly and confident.
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Belwood LF

2021 mare
16hh and growing
A striking filly with a very quiet nauture, Belwood LF is sensible and measured in her responses. Belwood LF is bred for upper level dressage and has the character to excel in this discipline. This filly has big, correct gaits with balance and rhythm. Belwood’s quiet nature also makes her a candidate for the hunter ring
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Fargo LF

2021 gelding
16.2hh and growing
Won his foal inspection and was awarded stallion prospect. Displays suppleness and athletic ability. Kind and inquisitive, willing and confident attitude. Upper level dressage prospect.
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Ferrara LF

2020 mare
Three big, elastic gaits, active hind end, and pedigree for dressage. Confident, sensitive, and quiet. Good form over fences in the jump shoot. Potential for hunter ring.
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Fisko LF

2019 gelding
16.3hh and growing
Awarded stallion prospect at his foal inspection. A joy to ride, forward and light with big, expressive gaits. Willing and confident attitude, kind and generous temperament. Upper level dressage prospect.
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Past Sales



2015 Warmblood cross gelding
Solid foundation in dressage. Schooling all second level movements. Suitable as an event, dressage, or hunter prospect for a confident rider.
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7-year-old Thoroughbred mare
Schooling second level dressage. Brave and honest to fences. Hacks alone or in groups. Potential for eventer or jumper.
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Quanna LF

2017 Oldenburg Mare
Three great gaits, great form over fences. Huge potential as a serious dressage prospect! Suitable for a pro or an amateur in a program.
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2015 gelding
16.1hh Hanoverian
Three correct gaits and natural ability to sit. Schooling aspects of Prix St. George. Has show experience and reliable to hack. A sweet horse with lots of ability.
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